We offer a highly secure offsite backup storage system, Allowing users or businesses to securely back up there data to a remote location for the ultimate security and protection of their files.

This service can be accessed from any computer or laptop with an internet connection in the world, using FTP (file transfer protocol).
Our servers store your files and data securely and can only be accessed by you with your username and password.
Businesses can allow multiple users to upload and securely back up their files, storing them to be assessed from home or other locations, protecting users in the event of a hardware failure or corruption of their data and files.
Automated backup can be setup to allow your files or server to constantly back up to our file servers for the ultimate file protection.
Our Servers scale on demand, allowing storage growth without disrupting the reliability and performance we insist upon. As a result, we can upgrade our server storage & protection when needed this provides exceptional flexibility at low cost.
We use high performance rack mounted servers, providing room for growth when it is needed.
Our server racks hold a combination of servers and storage systems, combined with two highly efficient and secure backup systems, to keep files highly protected.
We use multiple high powered UPS systems, to keep the servers running even in the event of a power cut..