The most important strategy for promoting a website is to rank high in search engines, this is the most efficient way to generate official traffic to a website, unlike with paid advertising, search engines are people looking for a website relevant to yours, these people are much more likely to buy your products or read your articles with interest, than through advertising.

Search engine optimization is long lasting, and will only need tweaking each month to keep efficient, but does take time to start to generate large amounts of traffic.

Due to our in depth website techniques for optimizing your website we require a full copy of the website files on disk, or alternately access to the FTP account in which the files are stored, access to MYSQL databases is also needed for the installation for the website traffic monitoring software.

Once Website optimization has been completed the optimized website can be returned to you in disk format, or uploaded onto the FTP server replacing the Website files with the optimized files

We also offer in our web optimization package such as E-mail Newsletters, We would require a document containing whether or not you wish for such implementations, due to some websites not wanting or requiring Newsletters.

We are very confident not only can we maximize the total traffic to your website but also to ensure it is correctly listed in all search engines.